Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tropical Sunset Workshop March 10th

Lyndsey chose the lilac version of the Tropical Sunset,her trees were very subtle as well which suited the colours she used..its always amazing just how different this painting can turn out just using different colours for the sky and water...
this was Jenny R's  3rd painting..
Jenny T's painting was beautifully bright and vibrant....Jenny finds the workshops very therapeutic
Tayna was with us for the first time, she followed the instructions I gave very carefully and her painting took shape very quickly...
Marguritta is seen here adding the reflections to her painting...its easier to turn the canvas upside down to do this step....and it caused lots of laughs in the workshop when I suggested we did so!
Irene received her artist brooch today for achieving 6 paintings---she always comes over the day before and stays at the Travel Lodge..
wonderful results from usual the paintings are all very different to each other,,its great for me to watch everyone develop their own job is to teach them all the different techniques-all the different things the brushes will do and how to use the paint and mediums--its not for them to do a carbon copy of the paintings we use as examples..I will look forward to seeing them all again soon!

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