Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Part 3 of Our Hols----Inverbervie

We had some wonderful company when we eventually arrived in Inverbervie --and if only we were at home more-we would end up with a doggie like Grace above---or
the really laid back Henri----
or the lovely Cache...3 wonderful greyhounds owned by our lovely friends Ros and Lincoln ...they are so gentle and friendly-you couldn't wish for better pets.....
we had a brilliant time with them all--but where did the time go to? It didn't help that I was ill on the 1st night we were there-- I thought I had pulled my back when we left Bradford and when the pain got really bad during the night I started to realise that it wasn't my back but my kidney.....having had problems with this in the past having had kidney stones/grit a while back I recognised the signs...but I did think it was properly an infection rather than anything else....but If you are going to be ill the best place to do it is when you are staying with a nurse---and Ros soon had me sorted out and taken me to the local docs on Saturday Morning--after some tests the Doc said I hadn't got an infection but grit or stones she gave me 3 prescriptions--all free of course in Scotland which was a big relief and within hours I was feeling much better....maybe the stones/grit will show up on the MRI scan I have to have on Friday for my PMR.........we had a few trips out to places where we both got some stunning photos that we can use for paintings later..
another of the furry friends we met while we were away!
this is a definite painting in the future !
and this one too....there are around 600 other pics I took while away to choose from as well....I will try and get them onto the blog at some point but have a busy week ahead of me getting the new paintings done for the Ludlow Art Society exhibition ....I have entered some browsers as well as the paintings on canvas---and as yet I haven't put brush to paper lol...

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