Monday, March 19, 2012

Dawn Falls workshop March 17th

  I have left my list of names behind, we are away on holiday---so apologies for not remembering  all the names!!!!!!             I had 15 students in on Saturday, a mix of new ones and ones who had been before and it was lovely to see Gill, Sally ,Maureen ,Trina and little 7 year old Ebony again..the new ones came from far and wide again---from as far as Derby after seeing their friends results from a previous workshop!
I gave the students a choice of natural colours or more vibrant fantasy colours and they all worked always it was amazing to see just how different the paintings turned out--everyone was amazed by it--and it was great fun watching everyone going up and down the line seeing how everyone had tackled the stages...
Little 5 years old Emma came along with her big sister Ebony age 7 ...the apron was a little long for her---- bless, so I'm going to order some child size ones for the future!
You can see Ebony's painting here in the foreground-she did some really spectacular waterfalls on it afterwards, she chose the vibrant colours and it looked really fairy tale like in the end..the girls are having a spoi of lunch here..
wonderful results everyone!
LOL,someones hiding behind their canvas here!
Well done everyone--see you all again soon!

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