Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Winter Wonderland In Ludlow--Dec 7th 2010

first thing this morning-the sun was coming up behind the tree in our garden--what a picture!
this is the view from my bedroom window--stunning!
we went round the same route as yesterday-but the overnight freezing fog had made everything even more beautiful
the Horseshoe  weir-
up stream of Ludford bridge
the road up to Whitcliffe
Ludlow Castle from Whitcliffe-what a beautiful sight--
The top of St laurences church
The castle, church and in the background Clee Hill
Clee hill
wouldnt fancy parking my bum on that seat!! BRrrrrrrrr
spotted this buzzard admiring the views
we headed back to Dinham Bridge underneath Whitcliffe-the paths take you back onto the top where we had come from
this is one of my favorite photos of the bunch
this is Bills favorite-Dinham bridge with the castle in the background
Dinham weir
this one was taken from the car park below the paths round the castle
this is going to be a painting subject for my workshops in the near future
Im chuffed at how well these pics have come out
Ive had an enjoyable day today--even though its been -8 for most of it-copyright on all these photos belongs to me Diane Jennings .

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Peter Williams said...

.even better than the previous lot Di. Don't the castle look great, like a fairytale.