Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snow.. etc

We had a laugh with Angus on the market last week--he bought me a little artist teddy as a pressie when he found him in a charity shop--he wasnt to know I collect them and have 5 others like him already--one called Bob is kept  in the front of the van--we lined them all up in the window so when we arrived at the market he was greeted by this lot! Bill said to him--"That bear you bought Di--you should have got him seen to--look whats happened -they have been breeding!" Everyone was creased-- 
this lovely little wagtail was outside most of the day feeding--quick little thing-had a job to get a decent photo of him!
not sure if this is a dunnock or not
trouble with feeding the birds so well--we get other unwanted visitors as well--luckily this bugger stayed still munching while Bill took aim....... and he is a good shot!

and this lazy lump has been asleep most of the day instead of ratting!

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