Monday, December 06, 2010

Frosty Day-Dec 6th--some snaps

I hate spiders but you just have to admire thier work!
one of the biggest birch trees Ive ever seen-at my friend Jeannies--beautiful

the goldfinches have been here constantly--we have up to 12 at a time feeding
we went up over Whitcliffe and it was a winter wonderland up there
just a simple cow parsley-but with the frost on it a thing of pure beauty
horseshoe weir
poor ducks thought we were going to feed them..
what wonderful colors
casemill weir
onto the Millenium Green and Dinham Bridge
Im bloody cold!
Im really pleased with this pic of Dinham Bridge
We called by the market to see what folk had braved the cold--had a chat to Angus and Mick-who were froze solid bless em--but the Christmas tree looked beautiful covered in the frost!
Spotted this beautiful bush covered in berries when we headed home across the bypass--my patient hubby turned the car round and went back so I could get a photo of them!
The starlings have been here in force-they love the bird cake I make out of scraps and fat-
beautiful birds--
he is stuffed full of bird cake!Its forecast -10 here tonight-still freezing fog so more beautiful scenery to photograph tomorrow--but will have to see if we will be on the market on Wednesday--if its still foggy we wont be there as the damp will get in the paintings--so watch this space.........

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Peter Williams said...

Fabulous photo's Di! I particularly like the Bull Finches, but they are all lovely.