Thursday, December 16, 2010

Feeling better , Weather and Christmas Traditions!

Well Ive been for my second and last session with the osteopath-and am feeling better--not quite right yet but he told me I shouldn't need to go again.
Well the weather has made a change for the worse again--we are expecting snow and all sorts overnight tonight and tomorrow.
It felt quite warm when we set up on the market yesterday-but it got colder and colder as the day went on.
We started to pack up at 2.30pm , and we were froze solid by time we came home--thankfully we are doing the last market next Wednesday -until the end of March/beginning of April- again depending on the weather.

I had rearranged the Birches class that got snowed off earlier this month for this Saturday-some of the original students who were booked in were going to attend it--however its looking like it may be cancelled again if the forecast is right--everyone who is coming is travelling from away...we will play it by ear-that's all I can do!

I hope we don't get too much snow--I have a teenagers birthday painting party booked over in Kidderminster on Monday at 3pm--we will be taking the car with all the equipment in if there is snow around--the car is great in the snow-far better than the van!

Cant believe where the year has gone--its flown by-- we are having a change to our usual tradition this year--usually all the family descend on us early evening on Christmas Day for food and drinks and laughs--that's been the way for nearly thirty years.....but we have found it very tiring  after doing a Christmas dinner the past couple of years so we are doing it on Boxing Day lunchtime this year--we have a huge fresh (frozen!) salmon to cook, along with all the usual bits and pieces--we will be able to enjoy it much more after a good nights sleep!
Christmas Eve will be hectic as usual--we have friends round in the evening and we have mulled wine and a couple of melted Camemberts baked with garlic and herbs with fresh baked french stick to dip in and savour-and we have been know to take the legs off the turkey that we always cook on Christmas Eve and make a sandwich of it as well before now!
Anyway--Im really looking forward to it now--have all the pressies wrapped up and ready to deliver--all we need is the snow to stay away until the day--

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