Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mellow Moods Workshop

They came from far and wide yesterday to paint with me! Yorkshire,London, Liverpool, West Midlands and Wales just to name a few!

We did a black acrylic base painting followed by an oil wash and detail... Judith came along for the first time with Terry--both have been having a dabble with watercolours at home but this was a first with acrylics and oils for them--and they loved it!

Terry getting on well with the underpainting...

Lorna came along with Kathleen for the first time, Lorna's daughter Trudy has been once before--but both Lorna and Kathleen were pretty convinced they would not paint anything worth hanging on the wall! How lovely it  was to see them settling down and the nerves disappearing--

Its always amazing how different every ones paintings turn out--a real mix of subtle and more colourful--Trudy went for the subtle effect and beautiful it was too!

Kathleen found it so much easier than she expected....

Bali came along with friends Helen ,Deb and Kate..and her painting will be going back to London! She had a lovely delicate touch when doing her trees...

Helen has been before,but never done sponging before!

Dawn was painting her 6th painting with me and received her Artist Brooch, as did her friend Ali who also travelled down from Liverpool...dawn painted on oil painting paper as she wants to frame her finished painting and take it to her holiday home..

Ali chose to do just one bold tree--but it worked as well as doing more...

Brilliant results for Deb,,
Kate adding some more detail to her trees before going on to add the oil wash,,,

Well done everyone-- lovely paintings-you should all be very proud of yourselves!

It sounds like we may be going to Trudy,Lorna and Kathleen's part of the world to do a workshop-- they may have a room in mind already! Will look forward to it very much!

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