Monday, February 09, 2015

Feb 7th Workshop ''Poppies and Daisies''

We had a small workshop on Saturday so we used the small room at St Peters Church, lovely cosy room, just big enough to fit 6 students in ! We started off in this room 11 years ago..It was lovely to see Helen again!

It looks quite a simple subject matter but its amazing at how different the results can be! It can be quite hard to be random when painting the grasses, and at first Sarah thought hers were a bit to the same--she mixed a little Payne's grey with some of the greens and it made a huge difference! Sarah is coming on in leaps and bounds each time she comes..confidence grows every time..

Paul came along for the 3rd time with his sister Elaine..I loved his more formal arrangement of the grasses---it worked really well ..

Cathy was with us for the 4th time--having first met us while on a trip from London a few years ago! She made the trip from London to do her first painting but has since moved nearby so has been able to attend 3 more workshops since!

Elaine adding her daisies here...its quite a 'free' type of painting that works whatever flowers you decide to put in--students learned to do poppies,daisies and cornflowers..then we had fun doing dragonflies,snails and ladybirds!

When we were finished, everyone went into the church to have a quick look--to say it was cold in there was an understatement--so it was a very ,very quick look at the beautiful blue  dome ceiling and the stained  glass window !

Its a beautiful building!

Finished results--well done everyone!

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