Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Serenity Workshop Nov 22nd

Sorry about the delay in updating the blog--life has got in the way! Its been pretty hectic in one way and another-combined with me having a big flareup with my illness..pretty much back to normal now thanks goodness! We had a lovely time in the Serenity workshop in November...Cathy -above came from London the first time last year to paint with me--but has now moved quite near--She loves purple--so naturally chose the lovely dusky mauve as her colour!

Ruth has been once before with her Mum Beverly, they both chose to use shades of blue and purple for their painting--it worked really well...so well in fact that I did one myself in the same shades the following day on the market! It will be an option in future-along with the green,grey and dusky mauve.

Beverly making a start on her snowy path,,

Jerry was booked in as a pressie from his daughter who has been once before..he really enjoyed himself..

Carol used the lovely soft green for her painting--

Loved the grey version...Alison seemed to find it very easy!

Sheila was convinced that she wouldn't  be able paint anything worthwhile after being told at school that she wasn't artistic...she got quite emotional as the day went on and her beautiful painting progressed.. I feel so privileged to be able to give people the feeling of achievement that they get when they come to a workshop...

all hard at it!

Stacey adding the finishing touches

Hazel is a bit blurry--but the painting is just great!

The last bit of snow really adds a big difference..and the final touch of subtle glitter on the snow really makes a lovely touch..

Grrrrr too much sun on the paintings-- what a shame!

Beautiful results!

well done everyone!

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