Monday, November 17, 2014

Encaustic Workshop

What fun we had on Saturday in the encaustic wax workshop...8 students joined me to use a special iron and coloured beeswax..Its completely different to using paints and brushes on canvas! They students did 6 postcard size pictures to start with--just to get used to how the wax worked when it was melted...and we had some stunning results!Above you can see Kirsty and Sandra making a start on their small ones..

Its the most addictive form of art there is--and Jackie was hooked right away--and says she knows what she wants for Christmas now LOL..I gave everyone the details of where to buy the things needed to do encaustic art at home

Sarah enjoyed doing the landscapes best I think!

Kirsty created  some lovely pictures..loved this blue landscape..

Sandra used shades of orange for one of her landscapes..

Shirley admiring one of her pictures..

Margaret checking out her lovely picture..

Chris and Pauline hard at it with their irons!

all sorts of weird and wonderful things appeared in the paintings..faces and little creatures every where!

I think everyone was quite amazed at how quickly the pictures developed--and they dry fast as well--it can take just seconds to do..

some of Sarah's results..

Kirtsy's picture looked like a window-complete with curtains and a faraway fairy castle outside!

Just amazing how many different sorts of effects you can get ..

This is one of Pauline's small pictures-- I showed everyone how to use the iron as a hot plate as well--you can get completely different effects! We could see a little piggy and a dog in the middle of this one!

these are some of Margaret's pictures..

Chris checking his mermaid on his painting...we used some body transfers to add some detail on them--

Sandra chose a beautiful fairy for hers..

After doing the small ones we moved onto the big pictures--we used sheets of thin perspex which we framed afterwards..

Bill keeping an eye on things--he is very good at encaustic art and has sold quite a few of his pictures on the local market!

Sarah's painting is taking on an underwater feel--

some interesting effects coming on here.....butterfly wings

We could see all sorts in Jackie's picture--palm trees, birds and Ive just spotted a bird in the bottom right of it now!

love these colours!

Sandra's beautiful painting--reminds me of balloons-each one has lots going on in it!

a lot going on in Chris's picture..some lovely foliage effects!

Kirsty's beautiful vibrant picture--love it!

Sarah's finished picture--can you see the whale in bottom left of it--all sorts of underwater things in there!

Pauline's end result--I can see a cat in the top middle!
Wonderful results everyone--will be running another workshop next out for the date on the website

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