Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Medieval Market

We don't have many more markets this year now--we had one the Sunday before the Medieval Fair which turned out quite busy..

Stormy Poppies went off too a new home as a 30th wedding anniversary present...

It was a record weekend for the medieval fair--well worth the 5am start on Saturday and 6am start on Sunday. I had to come home on the Saturday night and paint some more miniatures as I nearly sold out! Climbed into bed at 1am! So not much sleep-am still catching up in fact.!!. Another early start tomorrow for the usual Wednesday market..but its not long until we finish for the year--17th Dec is our last one of the year..There is a special Christmas market on Sunday 14th Dec  which we are looking forward to-will be lots of lovely craft stalls there.. we will return to the market again at the beginning of April 2015 every Wednesday..and all the usual Sunday ones as well.

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