Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shobdon Flower Food and Drink Festival

Well its been a mixed week--I had a call from Hereford Hospital yesterday saying that unfortunately they have had to cancel my planned operation next Wednesday--the surgeon also deals with breast cancer patients and to be fair she did say if she had an emergency cancer case my op would be cancelled. So I'm back waiting for a date.

Bunty the van is now fully kitted out all through with shelves for everything--plenty of room for paintings, easels, paints-and more! The stands fit nicely inside the back doors, along with the tables-making unloading easy.We have our little artist bear Bob sitting in the van window!

I love watching the transformation when we get to the various venues--we walk into the marquee to a bare white space-and quickly transform it to a black backdrop on which to display the paintings.
Its going to be very hot in there over the next three days--we are taking the electric fan with us to keep cool!
I will be painting while there-I have a couple of exhibitions coming up so want to try and get the basics done while there.I can finish them off at home when I have less distractions!
Shobdon is one of our favorite shows that we do-its always friendly and we have a great laugh with the other exhibitors.
There is at least one painting to string and one to restring--we laughed when we realised I had painted one painting without checking which way Bill had strung it---upside down pooies look odd when hanging on the stand!

At least now we shouldnt be forgetting to take anything--Bunty is well loaded up with everything bar the kitchen sink-though we do have a cooker in there for bacon butties if we feel the need!

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