Friday, June 25, 2010

Hospital, Shobdon, and Everything Else!

Well after being told on Wednesday that my operation had been cancelled I received a letter marked 'urgent' today from the hospital telling me the op is to go ahead as planned! So I will be out of action for a few days recovering but am expecting to be able to hold the Poppy Field class on July 10th as normal.
If its any different I will contact everyone booked and let them know!

We had a lovely day at Shobdon today--its always lovely there-and because its quiet we can catch up with news from our friends there.
Our friend Elaine--alias 'Jones the Bead' always asks to be put next to us so we can have a laugh and natter over the weekend.
We have supported the event from day one 6 years ago and made friends with Elaine then--she is such a lovely person--she went round the food marquee today and came back with some beautiful fruit cookies!
I tryed to catch her with the camera having a munch!
Elaine makes the most beautiful beaded things-and always has something new to display-she is very talented and has more patience than anyone I know with those tiny little beads!

Last year at Shobdon we were fortunate to meet someone else who was to become a special friend--Lin.
I cant believe that its only a year since we met--it seems like we have known each other for ever!
Lin makes the greetings cards from my paintings-they are sooo popular-she has a great eye-and crops the photos of my pictures to create the cards.She knew I was getting down on my stock of cards so she sent along another 90 with her friend this morning to sell over the weekend!
We cant wait to meet Lin again tomorrow and catch up with everything.
Lin will be taking photos of my new paintings to turn into cards--and I know that the bluebell woods one will be used as one for a start!
I got some lovely snaps of the pool at Shobdon again--I will be using the images as a new class subject and I have logged the photos on
The scene looks quite tropical, the water is covered in duckweed which makes it look completly green!

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