Friday, June 25, 2010

Cumbrian Heavy Horse Riding School

We had a lovely suprise the other morning when a beautiful calender dropped through the letter box-it featured some of the lovely horses from the Cumbrian Heavy Horse Riding School.
It had been sent from Wendy who works there.
We met Wendy at Ludlow market a couple of weeks ago--she loved the Summer Day painting--she rang up and booked the Oct class and asked if it would be possible to paint in some hoof prints on the beach-as they do beach rides with the horses!
It wont be hard to do that-and I will incorprate some hoofprints on the next Summer Day painting I do.
The website is
Its a bit of a coincidence meeting Wendy-we had come across the website a few months ago and both said how nice it would be to go and ride these beautiful horses on the beach--we may find ourselves heading that way next year-and who knows what will happen then!

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