Monday, August 01, 2016

The Waterfall Workshop

This workshop was planned for a long time by Jennifer who has been a few times with various members of her family and friends... she had a lovely little pregnant tummy last time we saw her-- the lovely little girl girl was 15 months old when they came to paint!   Scary where the time goes to...anyway  10 of them came together , and another 2 lots of 2... Michelle came to me around 5 years ago and had a private workshop at home-so it was lovely to see her again... she bought along her friend Lynne..It was also lovely to see Joyce again--she received her Artist Brooch off me because she has been at least 6 times! Her daughter Adele came along with her--it was so good to see her--we were at Grammar school together -quite a few moons ago LOL... didn't really get chance to catch up though--must meet up for a coffee at some point Adele...

everyone had a wide choice of colours to choose from... Michelle chose the yellows/greens

Lynne chose to use a lovely purple as a background which gave it a very mysterious feel..

Joyce used ochre and yellow..

Adele adding a few trees...

Ann chose a lovely shade of blue for her background.It worked really well--you would never know that she had not painted before..

looks very misty in Rose's background..

Kerry's background was lovely and vibrant,,,its always amazing how differenet the paintings are -right from the word go..

The paintings develop very quickly...

Fiona went for quite a subtle look,,,

you can add as many trees as you wish..its one of those paintings that just works no matter what,,

Helen adding some shading to her trees here--first time painting for her too...

the bushes go in after this stage,,and completly changes the whole painting--subtle or more dramatic--the choice is yours!

Large and small waterfalls appeared ..

some had streams running into them..

some had rocks behind the water,

some wonderful reflections were added afterwards,,

this was a lovely surprise..a beautiful ''artist'' cup cake for everyone in the workshop--how kind of Kerry...they were all different and delicious too!

Amazing cakes--thanks so much!

every one was different!

nearly finished here....

Fiona's painting ended up quite subtle--  sometimes they start off subtle but end up brighter--

14 happy artists with their paintings!

The Gigglers....they earned the nickname in the early days of the workshops--always giggling away-- nothing changes LOL...

Lynne,Michelle,Joyce and Adele with their masterpieces...

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