Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tenbury Show 2016

After a hectic Burwarton Show there was hardly time to draw our breath before heading to Tenbury the next day to get our stall set up for the show on Saturday! Its another brilliant show, very well organised..There was a steady stream of customers all day long..

the tiny paintings looked a little lost as there were so few left! I really must get painting again this week--have a big 2 day show coming up at the Shewsbury Steam Rally at Onslow Park on bank holiday weekend..have a few big ones to get finished and loads of small ones to do...

The paintings on the top left and right of this picture sold-- Stormy Poppies and Squirrels Eye View..and also a big Birches painting that is hidden from view by the chair and my slates stand!

It was fun to demonstrate to the public just how easy it can be to learn to paint ''My Way''

And when I saw Frankie setting up her stall opposite ours on the Friday evening, I promised myself that if I sold 2 paintings at the show I would buy one of her beautiful mirrors that she makes...I fell in love with this one as the cat reminded me of our dear Sparky Cat,,,, I sold the first painting very early on in the day... and went over to tell her I would buy the mirror when I sold another painting....... then I remembered that I had in fact sold a painting the week before from Visions gallery in I was back there in a shot to buy it.. The workmanship is just wonderful..and worth every penny... It hasnt been hung yet at home---its 3 ft tall and I want it to be exactly right,,, to see more of Frankies beautiful mirrors have a look at her website. Frankies Mirrors

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