Friday, May 06, 2016

Mellow Moods Workshop

It was lovely to see Caroline again, third time for her--this time she bought alone her other daughter also Caroline!

Caroline was not convinced that she would be as good as her Mum! But as she found , following my step by step directions she was soon creating her own masterpiece very easily!

First time for Vanessa, who came along with workmates Karen and Katrina..

Katrina had never painted before, but soon had the hang of the brushes and acrylic paint!

Karen painted quite a  delicate background..

4th time for Pearl, though we have not seen her for a few years... her daughter bought her a gift voucher to use...they are an ideal gift for anyone who has been to the workshops already..

Lovely to see Liz again. 3rd time for her..

Paul was back for the second time..stayed nearby as they were down from Liverpool again... there are some stunning places to stay nearby--very handy if people live a long way away...

At times during the workshop you could hear a pin drop as everyone concentrated on their paintings!

Its always a little magical when the oil colours get added to the monochrome paintings.

The paintings transform into completely different pictures to what had started out in the monochrome colours...

getting just the right amount of white paint on the waterfall can be a bit of a challenge..

Katrina is adding a little detail here..

Liz's painting started off quite bold but ended up quite subtle..

The students had the choice of spring or autumn colours..

Its always amazing to watch the paintings transform as the day goes on...

ooops Paul is a bit blurry on this one!

Amazing results from everyone-- some bold, some delicate--but all as individual as the people who painted them!

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