Sunday, May 08, 2016

Encaustic Art Workshop

Yesterdays workshop was a little different to the normal ones I run... instead of brushes and paints, we used electric irons and special coloured beeswax..everyone had 6 postcard size pictures to create before they tackled a 40cm x 50cm picture..

It was interesting to see how everyone tackled their pictures--I showed how to do different techniques, and they followed in their own way..

there are so many different things you can  do with the wax...

we used the iron upside down as a hot-plate..

Jan and Siomed -below had booked over the phone as they had gift vouchers to use..turned out they had never looked at the website at all--and we waited for them to arrive, and waited, and then I rang to see where they were! We are 1 min 25 sec away they said-obviously using a sat-nav.. and still we waited... they eventually turned up after another phone call from me when I found they were at my home...After giving them the venues postcode they got to us! Then it turned out they were expecting to do Batik not encaustic art!!! After sorting it all out they loved the experience--even if it wasn't what they expected to do LOL

Siomed created a lovely landscape  using oranges and gold..

and a Darth Vader in the middle of the black one..

the students get to take away the 6 small paintings and the framed large paintings too..

Libby had some amazing things going on in her large painting..underwater and outer space combined!

The detail isn't showing up in Ana's painting but we all agreed that it was very Monet-esque in the end--lavender fields..

The lovely Irene was with us for the 17th time-- she has wanted to do this workshop for over 3 years now but every date I set she couldn't last we were able to get together ,, and how she loved it!

After getting over the shock of doing this and not batik Siomed created a lovely cornfield , the gold /bronze wax isn't showing up on here though...

Jan's picture looks bit wishy washy on the photo but there was loads of detail in there-including a wonderful mountain range- they all loved the experience and said it was better and cheaper than therapy!  I only run this workshop once a year, so keep checking out the website for the date next year!

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