Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mystical Moon Workshop

First workshop of the year and we had 6 first timers out of the 10 students! Liz-above had been once before and painted in oils so completely new for her using acrylic!

First time for Jan on left  who came along with Phil and wife Pauline who were painting for the 3rd time..Jan was a little nervous-which is natural when doing something new-but she soon settled down and got the hang of the brushes and paint!

Pauline chose the blue shades to paint her picture-- there are quite a few variations of colour that can be used in this workshop..

Becky came along for the first time with Dawn-also first time and Kate who was painting for the 3rd time with me.. Becky is expecting a baby boy in just 5 weeks so she had the option of a sitting down easel..

Very interesting to see how the different colours work..

sorry Kate--you are a little blurry here! Love your chocolate shades you chose to do your painting with..

Nikki bought along her Mum -first time for both,, and both have booked u for the Birches at the end of the month- will look forward to seeing them both then!

Hahaha--say one for me while you are down there! Sometimes its just easier to get on your knees!

adding the twigs is always interesting--and everyone improves with each one they do.. by the time they get up to the moon they are all quite expert!

Gill is adding her twigs and branches here..she seemed to find it quite easy...

Sharon adding the finishing touches.

Well done everyone--great results!!

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