Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Donation To O'Connor Unit

I have been raising money on my regular market stall for a few months now.I have sold some small paintings that were getting a little rough around the edges,and also I have a sealed tin on there with a request for donations if people have been having a laugh at my quote slates.. everyone has given generously and I had enough to buy 2 Dyson fans for patients in the O'Connor unit at Shrewsbury Hospital where my son has been treated for  Hodgkins Lymphona over the last 12 months or so..Chemotherapy can make patients very hot and there were never enough fans to go around everyone who needed one so they were very welcome!
We took them over to the hospital last night as we were in the area visiting another hospital for Bill--they were thrilled to have them!

My son Jim had a stem cell transplant in Dec at the QE hospital in Birmingham , he came out on New Years Eve and is back under the care of Dr. O'Connor again now.. he is doing really well and they are pleased with his latest results--
A huge thank-you everyone for your kind messages ,hugs and support over the past year-it means a lot that you care.  We are not on the market again until April 5th now but donations are still being given by students etc, and when the tin is full again we will be buying another fan for the ward! Thank  you very much everyone xxxxxx


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