Thursday, December 10, 2015

Reeds In The Breeze and more....

Its all go at the moment--my son is at last in the Q.E hospital in Birmingham to have a Stem Cell Transplant and will be in about 3 daughter is buying his house and has just over a week to get sorted and move in-   I am seeing a specialist tomorrow at Hereford hospital ,   then I have my last workshop of the year on Saturday and the market in Ludlow on Sunday--phew--I'm knackered just reading it all....   anyway back to the main thing--  last Saturdays Reeds In The Breeze workshop..we had a mix of newbies and folk that have been to me before. The newbies were nervous as they always are--with good reason I suppose--trying something new is always a bit intimidating, but they soon found there was no need to worry at all! As you can see we had wonderful results form everyone!

Sarah on the left was painting her 3rd picture with me and had a strong idea of what she wanted her finished painting to look like...Its quite amazing just how quickly people find their self confidence about what they want and how to achieve it during the workshops..She wanted a solid blue sky with no clouds,a path down to the beach and daisies instead of poppies--and we will see her again this Saturday when she will be painting the Big Poppy in shades of turquoise! Ana was painting for the 2nd time-she chose the brown foliage instead of the green--both work equally well! Anna was a first timer and really enjoyed it-said she will def be back..

William and Suzie were first timers with me-- William was tired out by the end bless him-- daughter in law Suzie chose to paint some other flowers rather than poppies too--and had some photos on her phone that she could use as a reference!

First time for Heather-who was convinced she wouldn't be able to paint anything decent enough to hang on her wall...however how wrong was she--another one who loved every minute and wants to come again! Cathy has been before--they both chose the yellow ochre shades-lovely warm colours..

2nd time for both Terry and Judith--both handled the brushes and knife with ease and created some lovely paintings!

Caroline was painting for the 2nd time and Chris was on her 3rd one-- well done ladies! I'm so glad you all enjoyed your day and will look forward to seeing you all again soon..

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