Thursday, December 17, 2015

Big Poppy Workshop

Well that's the last workshop of the year done and dusted! Great fun doing the Big Poppy with 7 students last Saturday..there are a lot of technique's to learn in the class using different mediums-and great scope to be imaginative ! Any colours work with this subject too--and Pat bought along a cushion cover she wanted to match up so she could hang her masterpiece in the bedroom when its finished! First time for Pat and Jasmine who were bought along by Dave who has been several times before!

adding the black centre...

wonderful colours Jasmine...

Joyce managed to make loads of different colours from a quite limited palette..

Lyn adding several layers of black paint to her centre,,

The crackle effect is showing up lovely in Carolyn's painting

Sarah chose the turquoise colours as it is a present for her sister and will match her colour scheme!

This is the part everyone loves--adding the melted wax detail...we had some lovely new ideas going on with coloured wax being used as well as the usual golds and silvers..really stunning results!  Just realised that I have no photos of Dave with his painting..sorry Dave,,,

Sarah with her finished painting-- the middle will darken up as it dries over the next few days!

lovely results everyone!

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