Sunday, October 25, 2015

Winters Walk

Between work commitments and illness we were down to just the one student Chris came to the house to paint Winters Walk..Only her 2nd painting--she came along to the Serenity workshop a few weeks ago and loved it so much she booked into another 3 workshops!

We had a visitor at lunchtime--Simon-one of my students kindly picked up a set of veg cutting tools from Kidderminster for me after I saw his impressive veg on Twitter LOL...he gave us a demo and Chris was so impressed she was going to call by on her way home to pick some up for herself!

She loved painting using he acrylic and oils...and can be seen here adding some clear glitter to the snow to make it look really frosty!

Well done Chris--will look forward to seeing you in the ''Into The Light'' workshop next month!

Think we need a bit more practise with the potato cutter! But they made lovely crisps..

The carrot spiral cutter was great...can be used for all sorts,,,

The tomato cutter was very easy to use,,,and the potato spiral tool worked well...the kids will love the curly chips! I'm so lucky to meet such lovely people through the workshops,,thanks again Simon...will have fun practising with all the tools in the future!

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