Friday, October 23, 2015

Sunflowers Workshop

This was the first time I have run the Sunflower workshop for about 3 years..I was a bit nervous for once, hoping I would get everything in the right order! I had a run through at home to jog my memory! Linda made a cracking job of her painting..

Beverly got on great painting her sunflowers...

Jeanne was bought a gift voucher from her son...first time painting in oils for her but she loved it...and said she may add some embroidery to it at at later date...would love to see the end results of that!

Angela and Sue (below)  buy each other gift vouchers for birthdays and Christmas..

the paintings looked a little odd for a while but soon came together once the sunflowers started going in!

Dawn was working on oil painting canvas paper instead of the box canvas everyone else was using...she wants to take her paintings to her holiday home abroad, and it will be easier and cheaper to transport on the canvas paper and get framed when she gets there!
I love seeing how people use their pallet's---Sue made full use of hers ...not much space left on it!

and this was Jeanne's,,

The photo does not show the detail..but they were all brilliant-- very individual..lots of scope to do your own style with this subject-- will be painting it again next year... I have already got bookings coming in for next year...see the dates underneath this years dates on the website!

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