Thursday, June 04, 2015

Tommy And Other Bits And Pieces!!!

After losing half of the house to storage over the past few years we decided it was time for another shed! So its been growing and getting done for a few days now.... will free up a lot of space when its finished which should be the weekend with luck...looks a long way off here lol..

Gan Gan Bill has had a little helper in the form of our Tommy...I'm sure he thinks the shed will be a new playhouse for him!

Think you need some boards here Gan Gan Bill..

Builders Yard!!!

Little Tommy is always smiling and laughing-- he is a ray of sunshine bless his little heart xx

He enjoyed his 3rd birthday--took him to the local play centre Monkey Mania-- and afterwards to The Squirrel for a meal...he was as good as gold all day!

Meet Jumble--my son Jim's new companion....he is a right Jumble--a rescue doggie who is a Basscollie Hound!! mum was a bassett and dad as a boarder collie! He is a little star--obviously been loved at some time as he is very obedient and loving..feels like he has been around forever..

Pictures of the shed to follow--has a roof,guttering  etc now...cant it to get everything in there and get the house straight!

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