Thursday, June 04, 2015

Reeds In The Breeze

Apologies in being so late getting the photos on here---have  problem with my computer--and am using Bills lappy--and its soooo different to mine its taking ages to do anything at all! Am trying to catch up with all the website stuff as well as getting paintings ready for the Art Trail in Ludlow.. Above are Robbi,Jackie and Linda--beautiful results from them all--Robbi chose not to add poppies to her painting,preferring just grasses.Every one in the workshop handled the knife really well to do the waves--and the bashing and tickling brushes proved to be real fun to create the skies..and what wonderful skies we had too...

Pat and Chris --lovely paintings!

First time for John and Roger  great paintings--even if I couldn't persuade Roger to dd a few more poppies!

Natalie and Marion--very first time for the yellow ochre shades she used..

Another 2 first timers--Linda and Wyn..Linda has done a little watercolour previously but Wyn has never painted before--you would never know from the end results of all my first time students would you?
Lovely results from you all--well done and will look forward to seeing you all again

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