Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Foxgloves And Dragonflies

It was lovely to see Pamela again...her second time with me--and no nerves this time! She was one of the most nervous students when she was given a gift voucher by her daughters! She came by the market to see me and was convinced she wouldn't be able to do it a all! She was happily proved very wrong!  She came along with her daughter Carolyn on Saturday, and both made lovely jobs of their paintings!

A happy Carolyn with her beautiful painting..Its an interesting painting to do--using acrylic and oils..Just black and white paint with a tiny bit of colour for the foxgloves and some shiny metallic green for the dragonflies.A couple of students added a touch of bluebells blue as well which looked lovely.

It was great to see Derek again-- he does so well in the workshops--he has Parkinson's and also had a stroke in Nov so he really is amazing ! He is booked in for another couple of workshops in the near future will look forward to seeing him then.

Lilli came along for the first time with her mum...she created a lovely spooky enchanted woodland scene!

Derek with his finished painting.

It was lovely to see Joan and Claire again--both did very well--its a great picture to perfect your trees!

Andrea and Audrey made great jobs of their paintings-- 2nd time for Andrea and the first for Audrey-though you would never have know from the results!

Lisa and Lilli with their masterpieces..well done!

1st time for Judy who came along with son Nick and Jen who were painting for the second time with me..

Dot was another first timer with me although has used acrylics before--though not like she did in the workshop! Bob will be back this Saturday to paint Oriental Dawn with his daughter!

Pam and Carolyn with their beautiful paintings!

Amazing just how different the pictures were isn't it? This is one of my favourite subjects to teach and I will be setting another date for it in the autumn..keep watching the website for more dates..

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