Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Facing Up To Kidney Cancer

I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely lady last autumn, who got in touch about coming to some of my workshops..Sarah went on to explain that she may have to cancel some of the workshops because her husband Jon had been diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer and had to make visits to the hospital sometimes at short notice...

She has gone on to be a very good friend to me and we have had many long late night chats / emails together because as you probably  know my dear son is fighting Hodgkins Lymphona and Haemophagocytic Syndrome .

Sarah has a lot of knowledge about chemo,scans and lots of other things that means I don't have to bother my son or his specialist for answers.

Sarah and another dear friend Jan who also has much knowledge about cancer have been my rocks in the darkest hours I can tell you... I am forever grateful for that.

Now Sarah's hubby Jon  has decided that he wants to raise awareness and money for the James Whale Facing Up To Cancer charity--- it is one of the hardest cancers to diagnose and its often too late for the patient by the time it is--which is what sadly has happened to Jon..more people die of it than are killed on Britons roads every year.

Jon is planning a 5,000 mile trip around Britain for the cause on his motorbike...starting at Blackpool Tower in June -- if you can spare a little for the cause all the details are on the website  a link here with more info here --- also here is a link in which Jon explains more about it

I hope the trip goes according to plan --and the weather is kind to him!
 If you have a motorbike I'm sure Jon would like you to join him for some of the trip-- Sarah is also organising other fund raising events including a auction to raise money--I have donated an oil painting and there is also a beautiful hand crocheted blanket made by Sarah herself--its really stunning,,

We wish Jon and Sarah all the best for the trip-- its an amazing thing you are doing!

It has made me think about raising some money for the unit that is looking after my Jim..they really are wonderful   - Dr Nigel O'Connor is a very ,very special man along with all his hard working this space--

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