Monday, April 13, 2015

Squirrels Eye View Workshop Results

What a great day we had in Saturdays workshop ''Squirrels Eye View''  7 first time would never know from the beautiful results though! David-above came along with wife Jackie and daughters Rosie and Nadia..right from the start David had decided he was going to do a winter version--as there were 4 paintings potentially the same--to be honest I was not sure how that would work---but oh boy--it worked very well!
Sarah really enjoyed this workshop-she is gaining her confidence every time she comes...lovely delicate finished result..

Ros added some pink to her painting and again it worked so well--reminded me of a cottage garden..

Davids wife Jackie was pretty much convinced she would not be much good at this painting business LOL...however she soon found out she was wrong! That is the one thing I love--watching people who arrive with no self confidence in themselves as regards being able to paint a lovely painting--they gain confidence so quickly--and start making decisions about what goes into their paintings so quickly on their own..

David's and Jackie's 2 daughters came along with them, above is Rosie..

and above is Nadia..

Kath was also a first time student..I thinks she was surprised at how easy it was...

Helen has been quite a few times before..

First time for Annette too...

Pauline has been once before...

First time for Annette who came along with her Mum Annette and Pauline who bought them both along..all have booked again fro the Birches on Aug 22nd..

say one for me girls!

Sarah's painting

Ros's painting

Close up of Davids painting--loved the snow..hard to see detail on the bigger painting!

Davids painting--the rest of the students paintings follow...amazing results from them all..


well done everyone...beautiful results from you all..

David,Jackie,Nadia and Rosie

Pauline,Annette and Cathy

Sarah and Ros..

Kath and was a lovely workshop to teach for me--I'm very pleased with everyone's results! Looking forward to seeing you all again!

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