Friday, April 24, 2015

41 Club Workshop

Well Monday evening was a first for me--we have had loads of all ladies workshops but never an all male one! Tim who organised the evening has been with his family to several workshops in the past, and is a member of the 41 club in Bridgnorth..they do a different thing every month--and this month it was a painting workshop!

They had a choice of colours,,,

One or two of the chaps had painted before but it was a first time experience for most of them...

It was great fun and we had lots of laughs with them!

It was amazing how quickly they started getting ideas of their own--the one on the right ended with a castle and a lighthouse and was somewhere in Scotland!

Tim wanted his to represent an African scene..

I think everyone managed to create some lovely paintings with nobody struggling at all to do so...

Everyone enjoyed looking at every ones else's paintings--and chatting about them!

Well done everyone---brilliant results!

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