Sunday, October 12, 2014

Poppy Field Workshop

We had 10 students on Saturday-4 had been once before and the other 6 were new students...

Phil-on the left and his lovely wife Pat next but one..have been once before to paint Serenity--Phil and Pat wanted to surprise their friends Milly,Heather Trevor and Cyril, and when they arrived they had no idea what they were going to do--Phil had suggested all sorts of things--including a bungee jump lol! They were very dubious when they realised they were going to paint--as is natural of course--but everyone was relieved to find it quite an easy process even though I had lost my voice the day before and was struggling to 'shout'  step by step instructions.It did give everyone a laugh though!

Evelyn and Alan on the left have been once before with gift vouchers and came for the second time with gift vouchers--the gift vouchers have proved very popular over the years, and make a great pressie for Christmas, birthdays or any other occasion.Carol and Julie have painted before , we met in Kinver earlier in the year--both loved the workshop and said they had learned a lot from it..

What lovely results we had from everyone--all went away happy with their results-and in a few cases gobsmacked at what they had achieved in just a few hours! I will look forward to seeing them all again!

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