Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kinver Art Group

We met Pat and some of her fellow artists when we did Kinver Show back in the summer..we arranged at the show that we would go and do a demo for them..the day arrived yesterday--and what a great day we had---a laugh a minute with the members as I went through both paintings step  by step..above you can see them having a close look at The Waterfall.

A couple of members  had  tried oils years ago but most of them were used to using acrylics and watercolours-so it was a real eye-opener for them..everyone was pretty amazed at the results I got so quickly., and they promised they wouldn't go into the art shops and ask for 'bashing' and 'tickling'  brushes!!

The winners of the raffle were Trisha on the left who chose Summer Day--Trisha made the most beautiful cake for the coffee break-pear and blackberry sponge that was to die for--and some chocolate tarts--it would  have been rude not to try them..and Pam won The Waterfall painting.. all of the members were left wanting to have a go at oils-and we will look forward to meeting them in future workshops!

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