Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mellow Moods at Eardisley

First of all I would like to thank Sue Amos who did all the hard work organising this painting workshop--she collected the deposits and sent them to me, organised the room, and generally had everything sorted.Most were members of the local craft group and only 2 had painted before so they were all quite excited about it! We had 12 ladies and one man-Alan had dabbled with oils previously....and Verginia has been to several classes with me...
as always it was very interesting to see how everyone tackled the painting--and right from the word go everyone had put their own mark on their painting and were making decisions for themselves
making sure the acrylic paint is dry with the hairdryers before adding the oil colour
the pictures all changed again when the oil colour was added--we had beautiful results and everyone seemed very chuffed with their results--- we have a lot of the ladies coming over to Ludlow in August to paint the Summer Day painting and Sue rang today to say she had another lady coming and she was going to try and get another workshop organised at Eardisley later in the year, so that will be something to look forward to..
We had a good mix of paintings -some were quite delicate while others were bold and bright-there is no wrong or right--just what people feel on the day!
Lovely results!
Hard to believe these are first timers!

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