Sunday, April 22, 2012

Grasses Workshop April 21st

Jodie had a gift voucher for her birthday and came along with her friend Catherine from Stratford Upon Avon,,,Catherine had painted before and does abstracts using all sorts of materials but this was a first for her...Jodie hadn't painted since she was at school..
Catherine's painting took on a dramatic feel right from the start....
Ruth has been attending an art club in nearby Church Stretton where she lives, but its been mainly drawing and watercolours and she wanted to try some other mediums, so was here to have a go at acrylics..she did get on with it OK,,,but found the 2nd coat easier as do most people....we use the the first coat of acrylic as a practise run-and get used to the feel of the brushes and paint..
Derek has Parkinson's and has a little trouble with his short term memory so he needed a little more help with his blending of colours on the canvas,,but he really did very well in the end ...
We had a laugh when Jodie noticed she had a badger appear in her sky when she did her second coat---as soon as she pointed it out we could all see it....and I persuaded her to keep it in as it was a lovely feature! However since the picture of it went onto Facebook a couple of Jodie's friends have seen a shark and not a badger!!! And now its been pointed out I can see the shark as well!!!
The results---all lovely---Ruth and Derek decided to add the poppies to the end result which looked great--equally Jodie and Catherine's paintings looked just great with the long grasses...its quite a versatile subject....looking forward to seeing everyone again!

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