Sunday, August 08, 2010

I Want......

One Of Those! We were up early again to do the local Book and Craft Fair on the Market Square in town.
There are always lots of folk around with dogs but today my friend and former student Julie called by with her beautiful puppy Buzz--just 14 weeks old and already massive!
In contrast this afternoon we had these two little beauties--again 14 weeks old--but so tiny--pedigree Chihuahuas-- what little darlings--I had chance for a cuddle with one and she was just adorable.
I think I could manage one that size--though have got my hands full with the parrots, fish and cat, so dont think I will be getting one!
Their owner was lovely and we had quite a chat in between dealing with people interested in coming to classes.
We will be watching crufts in future to see if the little darling in the front of the photo is there-the owners said she is a perfect an example as you could ever wish for-and I quite believe it.
If you could hear what Jake the parrot was coming out with at the moment you would all be creased!

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