Friday, December 28, 2007


I have really enjoyed my rest over the Christmas season, but its back to the grindstone from Monday with a vengeance!!
Thank you to everyone who sent Christmas Greetings!!!!!

We are really looking forward to 2008 and wish all our good friends and family good health and happiness for 2008
Got lots to sort out and do for all the forthcoming classes.
I have to paint another "African Dream" because its sold and its also a new class subject so will have to get cracking on that one soon.
Got a new project coming up in 2008 which promises to be very exciting for all concerned, got a few things to sort out with it but I will keep you all posted!!!!
Some of the classes for 2008 are already fully booked, will try and get the website up to date as soon as possible with the latest dates.

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