Monday, July 11, 2016

Emerald Woods Workshop --Leicester

We were asked by Amanda, who had been to several of my workshops, if we would travel to Leicester to do a workshop there . We are always happy to travel to do workshops, as long as there are enough people and a suitable room to do it in,, There is an extra charge per head to over our travel costs. In this case it was to be the most unusual place I have ever done a workshop-- in a factory! There were 12 people ranging from 9 years up...just Amanda and Ken had painted before and of course the others all thought they wouldn't be able to make much of a job of it,,

apologies to everyone-- my list of names has vanished out of the diary so apart from Amanda, Ken and Barry I have no idea of names! We travelled up to Leicester on the Friday and stayed in the Ibis nearby.. Bill had prepared the canvas before we left home so we just had to get the easels and paint out for everyone when we got there..

everyone started off with just black and white paint..

we had 4 children painting..

as usual, right from the word go-every single painting was completely different from each other..

Miles joined us from time to time-just to check what was going on in there !

lovely results from everyone quite quickly...

Some amazing spooky trees!

Ken has been twice to Ludlow to paint with me,

Barry was quite surprised at how easy it was..

we had a lovely BBQ for lunch... then it was back to the easels to decide if they wanted to add a touch of colour to the many different things can be done to them to change them..

as you can see-some left them monochrome and the others added some colour! They all loved it and we have been asked if we will go back in Sep/Oct to do it again! Will look forward to that very much!

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