Thursday, November 26, 2015

''Into The Light'' Workshop

A lovely new subject for last Saturdays workshop. Using acrylic paint is shades of purples and blues--(the purples are not showing up at all in the photos for some reason ..) we soon had a really atmospheric background.. 9 of the ladies had come as a group for an early Christmas Treat, and bought along a few bottles of wine to enjoy which helped with the nerves a little! They all had lifts home so they could enjoy it!

Chris's background is looking great here ..

enjoying lunch!

more trees going in for Jackie...

One or two ladies wanted to add some snow to the paths...

Jan's painting is really taking shape now..

I love how everyone finds their own style so quickly-- some really lovely  results!

well done ladies..

its such a shame you cant see the detail of the twinkling stars  and the snowflakes floating certainly isn't one of the easiest subjects I teach, but well worth the effort!

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