Friday, January 23, 2015

50 Shades Of Green--new workshop

Its always exciting to do a new class subject in a workshop..and last Saturday was no exception--50 Shades Of Green was an interesting class.using a limited palette in oil paint, everyone created an atmospheric picture. Apologies to everyone-- Ive lost my list of names from Saturdays workshop and have come down with an awful cold---thanks to the steroids knackering up my immune will leave you with the photos..we had a mix of first timers and some who have been before..

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Everyone was surprised at how different the pictures turned out..but as I tell everyone each week--the pics will always be as individual as YOU are...                                                                                                                                                          Now most of you know my son is quite seriously ill at the moment and my daughter is  getting married in 6 weeks time..add to the mix my own illness and you will realise that time is quite  short--so my time doing my blog is taking a step back and will not be updated as regular as it was once-my apologies for this but know you will all understand..I have also come down with a dreadful cold today as well which does not help---thanks to the steroids for that-my immune system is pretty crap---but it also means I cant go and see my son in hospital..but we have a full workshop of 12 people next Saturday painting Stormy Poppies in oils so I will concentrate on getting back to 100% for that..

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