Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blackpool Break

We got back on Thursday from 4 nights in sunny Blackpool...this was the view from our window! We had beautiful weather the whole time we were away--no wind ,just sunshine all the way!

We don't normally do tourist attractions when away--but having found lots of money off vouchers in various places like cornflakes packs and crisp packets we took advantage of it--we had a great time in Madam Tussuad's--

Oh what I could tell Jeremy Kyle...

naughty man Bill...

Love Benny Hill!

Soaking up the rays..

I have been looking forward to going to see the Funny Girls show since last May---best laugh we have had for a long time---well worth the £12.50 admission--

The lovely Zoe--star of the Funny Girls show--she is brilliant!

The show is a must do if you go to Blackpool!

Unfortunately on the way back to the hotel I managed to kick the back of Bills shoe--and lifted my big toe nail nearly right off...owwwwwww. A lovely man from the chippy gave me a chair to sit on and dressed it for me--but being the coward I am of needles--I didn't go to the hospital to get it treated ...thinking it would get better on its own ,keeping it clean and dressed...big mistake!

Next day we visited the Sealife Centre... I hobbled round there--and despite the pain I was in from my toe--did enjoy it!

There was a beautiful sunset each can see just how calm the sea a mill pond!

the lights....

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