Sunday, December 02, 2012

Serenity Workshop Dec 1st

We  had a late start to the class yesterday due to sat navs going wrong! But never mind we caught up and finished on time!      I was a little annoyed that 2 people let me down without getting in touch to say they were not coming--I will not refund deposits in that instance...Jan make a cracking job of her painting ,,,but she has been loads of times so it comes a little easier for her--she doesn't have the fear that the first timers have of doing it wrong!
Dot and Patsy needed to sit so Bill sorted them out a different easel...we can cater for all sorts of people-just ask if you cant stand to do the painting-its no trouble to get you seated to do it!
Will came along with wife Alison..both first timers-and both went away very happy with what they created!
Alison chose the lovely green shades to do her painting in...its my favourite colour for this painting..
Lesley  was late getting to us but we soon caught up....this was her 2nd painting..
Margret was pretty convinced she would make a pigs ear out of it-having never painted before--so she was really happy the way her painting turned out...
Jac was another first timer--and also doubted she would paint anything any good!! Soon proved her wrong! Jac and Sue had quite a long journey from Newport South Wales--with a sat nav that sent them all round the wrekin, miles out of their way!
Sue adding the finishing touches with the snow on the fence posts...
Dot added some white to her big black cloud at the end and calmed it down a bit....its very easy to add a bit too much colour to the canvas-especially the first time you use it.. but most things can be put right with a wipe off with kitchen towel or using a wipe out tool,,or just adding a bit of white as Dot did here..
Patsy and Dot both go to the same art group nearby in Leominster..they want us to go there and do a smaller workshop maybe --as they only have a couple of hours or so.. watch this space!
Well done --great results everyone!

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